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A place for Santas and Mrs. Claus to find new and exciting additions
to their wardrobe and accessories.

Welcome to Santa Outfitters! We are delighted that you are visiting our store. Santa Bob and I will be adding new items for your purchasing pleasure, so we hope you will stop by often. We are a custom shop offering one of kind and unique embroidered, screen printed and rhinestone items. We also specialize in quality handmade vests, summer casual shirts and Santa suits.
As Santa and Mrs Claus, we know the importance of looking your best whenever you are out in public. Donning the suit at Christmas time draws immediate attention and always gets a reaction from the crowd. But during the year, the discerning Santa and Mrs Claus want to look their best every day. There is nothing more delightful than being in a crowd or a store and overhearing a child tell their parents, “Look Mom, it’s Santa!”
In addition to our designs, we welcome your ideas and look forward to transforming them onto apparel and accessories for your Santa and Mrs Claus wardrobe. We are only an email or phone call away.

Our Story

Wow, what a journey we have had! I know every Santa and Mrs Claus has their own story of that magical moment when being “normal” flew out the window, replaced by an overwhelming need to share hugs, love and joy, not just at Christmas time, but all year long. When the belly laugh and a big Ho, Ho, Ho comes naturally and the urge to make chocolate chip cookies can’t be denied.
Santa Bob and I never could have imagined how our lives would forever change during one camping trip. As we sat around the picnic table with our family, enjoying a beautiful Texas day, we were approached by a very jolly, bearded, gentlemen who was working at the park for the summer (as he put it…his off season).
His question to us seemed very odd…..”What do you do at Christmas time?” Well, we all looked at each other, shooting glances that suggested we thought this fellow was slightly nutty. We all responded with the usual activities of visiting family, opening presents, eating great food. But his response to us was even more bizarre. He looked Bob straight in the eyes and said, “You’d make a great Santa!” Well, we all thought that was just too funny, laughed about it and went on with our conversation. Little did we know that the Santa seed had been planted.
The following morning, we packed up our RV and started our drive home to the Texas Hill Country. We drove in silence for a while, then out of the blue Bob asked the telling question…”Do you think I would make a good Santa?” Now, you have to realize, Christmas was always a very special time for our family. Presents didn’t matter. It was being together and seeing how much we were all touched by the Christmas spirit. I replied, “Of course, you’d make a great Santa!” And we kind of left it at that. Nothing more was said about being Santa. The thought was just beginning to blossom in our minds.
Well, two weeks later Bob called me all excited. “I found a school for Santa’s, Mrs Clauses and elves!” It’s in Midland Michigan. Do you think we could go?” And as the saying goes…”the rest is history.”
The Charles W Howard School was the most wonderful time a fledgling Santa and Mrs Claus could have ever experienced. We enjoyed the most awesome sensory overload seeing all those Santa’s gathered under one roof. We could not get enough of the stories that were shared, the genuine love for each other and the chance to make wonderful friends that will forever be in our hearts.
I don’t remember the gentleman’s name that stopped by our camp site that fateful weekend. I hope we can meet again someday so I can give him a big Mrs Claus hug for planting the Santa seed in our hearts.
God has blessed us with this gift of Santa. He has shown us the path so we can share this gift with all who believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Thank you for checking out our website. May God Bless You and remember…
”Always Believe In The Spirit of Christmas!”

With warm hugs and chocolate chip cookies,
Mrs. Kitty Claus